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Contents: Managing Projects with GanttPV

This is the second project management book from SimpleProjectManagement.com. This book focuses on the GanttPV software. The first half of the book explains many of the built in features of GanttPV. The last half provides detailed information on how to write scripts for GanttPV and includes many examples.

(For a book that explains project management, see the first book in the series: Simple Project Management: What Everyone Needs to Know About Project Management.)

Table of Contents

Introducing GanttPV
    Project Management Terminology
        GanttPV Files
    Dates and Hours
        Task Start Dates
        Entering Dates in GanttPV
How to Plan a Project
    Dependencies, Prerequisites, and Successors
    Duration vs. Effort
GanttPV Menus
    Main window
        File Menu
        Edit Menu
        Script Menu
        Window Menu
        Help Menu
        Tool Bar
    Grid Report
        Edit Menu
        Action Menu
        View Menu
        Tool Bar
GanttPV Reports
    Main Window
    Report Types
    Grid Reports
        Holiday Report
        Project Report
        Project/Report Report
        Resource Report
        Resource/Assignment Report
        Task Report (Gantt Chart Report)
        Task/Assignment Report
        Task/Dependency Report
GanttPV Scripts
    Installing GanttPV Scripts
    Export Scripts
        First Example – Export Project Names
        Second Example - Export Resources
        Third Example - Export Tasks
        Script Techniques
        Object Quick Reference
    Import Scripts
        Small Import Script Example
        Larger Import Script Example
    Install Scripts
        Report Types
        Column Types
        Indirect Access Column Type
        Complete Example
        Time Scale Column Types
    Python and GanttPV Modules
Data Model
    Object Model
    Default Objects
    ORM Diagram Data Model
    Relational Tables Data Model
To Do List for this Book